3-on-3 Basketball

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Campus life offers a unique educational experience that exposes students to new cultures, ways of life and beliefs. Student organizations offer opportunities to meet new people and to share a common goal. Wesleyan Student Government offers opportunities to serve your fellow students. On campus residential living provides access to campus resources that commuters may miss.

3-on-3 intramural basketball has always been one of our best intramural sports.  So grab your roommate, classmate, a random student or even a faculty or staff member and sign up today

Registration Deadline: Feb. 3

Season: Feb. 5 - April 16

Games: Wednesday evenings starting at 7:15 p.m.

Tournament Type: Pool play to determine seeding for tournament

Team Requirements: A team is comprised of three participants. Three players are required in order to avoid a forfeit. You may have up to eight people on your rosters. Teams can be all male, all female or coed. 

Scoring: Games run on two 15-minute running-clock halves. There is a brief halftime.

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