Wesleyan Leadership Flame

The L.E.A.D 2.0 Wesleyan Leadership Flame (The Flame) is a two-semester program. The first step to earning your Flame is to complete the L.E.A.D 2.0 Certificate.

The Flame has seven requirements:

  1. Attend a L.E.A.D 2.0 Flame Orientation
  2. Select a Mentor
  3. Complete the Leadership Development Self-Assessment
  4. Complete a Professional Development Plan
  5. Participate in 10 additional Café Discussions
  6. Complete 10 additional volunteer hours
  7. Participate in one additional Leadership Institute

1. Attend a LEAD 2.0 Flame Orientation

A 30-minute introduction to LEAD 2.0. Explains the processes of obtaining your Flame, the badge system and you will have the opportunity to meet the mentors.

2. Select a Mentor

3. Complete a Leadership Development Self-Assessment

The assessment is composed of four components dealing with personal leadership development, interpersonal leadership, group/organizational leadership and community leadership. There is a set of 20 statements that reflect various attributes and skills for each component.

4. Complete a Professional Development Plan (PDP)

PDP is a roadmap that will guide you through consistent growth in four or more leadership skills and attributes. The PDP is the foundation to a productive journey in leadership development. Refer to the summary of your Leadership Self-Assessment.

5. Participate in 10 additional Café Discussions

Ten additional 1-1.5 hour interactive dialogs where you learn how you expand your leadership abilities and skills, by sharing thoughts and experiences with others. Led by Jasmine Tuya, a LEAD Mentor or Guest Speaker.

Discussion Log

6. Complete 10 Additonal Volunteer Hours

Volunteer hours should coincide with the topic discussed in cafes. Complete 2 hours per topic discussed.

Volunteer Hours Log

7. Participate in one Additional Leadership Institute

Day-long Leadership Conference.

Wesleyan Leadership Flame Manual

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