Funding and Scholarships

The Student Government Association strives to give each student the opportunity to excel in every way possible. Our funding is to guarantee the enhancement of student’s experience at Texas Wesleyan University in providing assistance to individuals and student organizations.

Participation Program

Organizations and students seeking funds are invited to be a part of our Participation Program. The top 3 organizations and individuals who attend the most SGA meetings will receive one of the following prizes:


  • $525 for first place
  • $425 for second place
  • $325 for third place
  • $225 for fourth place


  • $200 for first place
  • $150 for second place
  • $100 for third place
  • $50 for fourth place

SGA Business Meetings are held every Thursday at 3:30 p.m. in the SGA Chamber in Brown-Lupton, by the SUB.

Organizations: You may send any number of representatives to a Business Meeting, and each member present will be accounted for towards the one (1) organization they are representing.

SGA Members are not eligible.


Any individual or organization may apply online. Once received, SGA will give the information to the corresponding Representative to write up a proposal. SGA will need the request at least three weeks ahead of time to allow for a bill to be processed.  SGA will need the application at least three weeks ahead of time in order to consider the request. There is a $100 limit.

If your Honorarium request is approved as an organization, please fill out the W-9 and Vendor forms. Approval as an individual will require W-9 only.

Once the form(s) are completed, please submit them to the Purchasing Office on the first floor of the Administration Building.


1. Honoriaria requests must demonstrate a financial need.

2. For individual requests, students must demonstrate a scholastic application of funds.

3. For student organization requests, students must demonstrate that the funds would benefit the Univeresisty in a way that without the funds would be difficult to accomplish.

4. Individuals and student organizations may only apply for honoaria once a semester.

Travel Abroad Scholarship

This scholarship provides an excellent opportunity for students to be able to travel abroad and be given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to represent the University internationally.

This scholarship is funded directly through SGA. Once an application is received, candidates will be contacted for interviews to be scheduled in November. Studying abroad supports personal growth, intercultural development, education and career attainment.

SGA is dedicated to its students and supporting their educational goals.  

Students will be able to apply from Oct. 5-31.


To be eligible to apply for the SGA Study Abroad Scholarship, students must:

  • Have Completed A Minimum Of 24 Credit Hours At Texas Wesleyan University
  • Be In Good Academic Standing (Not On Probation)
  • Be In Good Standing With The University (See Student Handbook)
  • Have Already Paid The Deposit For The Trip With International Programs

Students can apply here:

If you have any questions, please contact a member of your SGA.

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