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Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online
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Faculty & Staff

Career Services shares a critical goal of student success with the Texas Wesleyan faculty and staff. By working together, we can ensure the transition from the classroom to the workforce is as seamless as possible.

How can we help your students?

We help your students find the right fit

We help students determine the right career for their interests, career goals, skills, values and personality.

During their academic careers, students return to career services to develop essential job-search skills. We are a student's best resource for job outlook, salary and employment trend information.

We know employers who want to know your students

At Career Services, we work directly with employers who often ask for help to target students in a particular major or discipline. Employers would like to develop relationships and provide many forms of support for faculty and students. We can facilitate that connection!

Our career fairs attract many recruiters to one event

Our career fairs provide excellent opportunities for your students to meet representatives from the companies in their industries of choice and establish a network of contacts.

We help students master the job interview 

There is no better way to prepare for the job interview than by experiencing an "actual" interview. At Career Services, our staff will conduct mock interviews with your students, then provide a constructive critique of their performance and effective interview strategies.

We'll bring the information to your class

We specialize in conducting presentations to the classes you teach and the student organizations you advise about a host of career-related topics, such as resume writing, job-search strategies and interviewing skills. In addition, we can arrange presentations by professionals (many of them alumni), who can relate their experiences and how their major has helped them in their careers.

We also can help out in a pinch: If you need to or are considering canceling class, just contact us and we can schedule a presentation instead.

How We Can Help

  • Mock Interviews - A Career Services counselor will visit your class for a 30-60 minute presentation on interviewing tips and what to expect during a mock interview. Students are expected to contact Career Services to schedule one-hour appointments during which counselors meet with them individually and conduct interviews.

    Students are able to receive individual feedback on their answers and suggestions from the counselor. Each student receives a feedback form that can be turned in as proof that they have completed the assignment.
  • Resume Review - Career Services offers drop-in hours for resume review every day. If a counselor has an appointment they will ask the student to set an appointment or come back at a later time. Counselors are available during the drop-in time to meet with students for brief 10-15 minute resume review sessions.

    Students who need help writing their first resume and those who need to have their resume reviewed outside of drop-in hours must schedule an appointment. Counselors will sign reviewed resumes when students indicate that it is an assignment.
  • Classroom Presentation - You can request a classroom presentation using the form below.

These are just some of the services we offer. Please call Career Services to determine how, together, we can achieve student success. We look forward to working with you.

Presentation Request Form

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