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Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online
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Student Career Prep

‌‌Career Services at Texas Wesleyan offers career development assistance, support and resources — from selecting a major to starting a career — for all Texas Wesleyan students. Our career counselors not only help you map your career plan, but they also make sure you're taking classes that will help you reach your goals.

Where do I start?

FOCUS 2 is a self-paced, online career and education planning tool. It will enable you to self-assess your career relevant personal qualities and explore career fields and major areas of study that are most compatible with your assessment results. Students who use FOCUS 2 can make better decisions about their goals and plans and learn how to self-manage their careers.

Complete you Focus 2 registration using your Texas Wesleyan email. Your activation password will be "RAMS."