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Student Development Fund

The purpose of the student development fund is to promote the personal and professional development of students and student groups. Funds may be used to but not limited to defer the cost of a variety of event expenses, conference registration and travel.

Please note: Applications are reviewed for eligibility during fall and spring semesters only. Submissions are closed during the summer and will reopen at the start of the fall semester.

Questions about the application process should be directed to

General Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • Applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis. In order to be considered, an application must be submitted prior to the monthly application deadline. All applications received on or after the monthly application deadline will be reviewed the following month. 
  • All applications are reviewed by a small committee comprised of students and/or faculty members. The committee submits recommendations to a Student Affairs professional staff member for approval/denial. In the event an application needs to be clarified, approval/denial notification may be postponed until the next month review process.   
  • Each proposal will need to include a Summary of Funding Use, a detailed budget breakdown when applicable (Funds Statement), and description of benefit and desired outcome.
  • The applicant must be the person who pays for the expenses. Reimbursements will be considered, but it is recommended to apply for funding before the event to ensure funds. 
  • All reimbursement documentation must be submitted within 5-7 business days of the event with proof of payment and itemized receipts.
  • The Student Affairs staff member or designee reserves the right to verify the event with the designated guests.
  • Failure to abide by these guidelines can result in the withdrawal of funding approval and may jeopardize approval of future Student Development funding.
  • Monthly Application Deadlines: Feb. 1, March 1, April 1, and May 1.
  • Applications for funding that are submitted during the holiday break or summer for travel/events not falling in the long semester will be reviewed by the Student Affairs administrator or designee.


Funds are dedicated to current students or registered student organizations who may apply for up to:

  • $150 per conference.
  • $300 per student organization event.
  • Study abroad applications will only be reviewed in April and will not exceed more than $150 per student.
  • A student/organization may only receive one award per semester. For example, if a student receives an award through a group application they cannot then submit an additional individual application.     

Requests for funding outside of these amounts may be considered for events that clearly benefit a larger portion of the Texas Wesleyan student population.  

Ineligible expenses

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Cash in hand
  • University Departmental events
  • Tuition costs
  • Housing costs
  • Spouses, domestic partners, or family members of students
  • Court Fees
  • Individual certifications/testing (GRE, Teaching Certificate, Notary, etc.)
  • Individual business opportunities
  • Student Organization Membership Dues
  • Professional Organization Membership Dues
Application Process

Students will provide

  • First and Last Name
  • Organization
  • Student Identification Number
  • Amount of Funding Desired
  • Fundraising Efforts
    • Note: Receiving funds is not contingent upon other avenues being pursued
  • Date Funding Needed

Summary of Funding Use

The summary should present a concise description of the need and use of the funding and should not exceed one page.

Use of Funds Statement

The statement of need should describe what the funds will allow you to do, what will be accomplished, the desired outcome and a clearly stated budget.

Description of Benefit

Describe how receiving these funds will benefit you, the institution, and/or the campus community.

Application Steps

Review Process

Applications will be reviewed by a small committee made up of students and/or faculty before submission to a member of Student Affairs.  Applications will be scored based on the following criteria.






Summary of Funding Use

Blank or provided no relevant information. The summary is vague lacks explanation of need and is not clearly linked to goals or objectives. Less than 50% justified. The summary provides some evidence of need It vaguely outlines goals and objectives. More than 50% justified. The summary is clear and logical. The argument is compelling, persuasive with clear examples

Use of Funds Statement

Blank or provided no relevant information. Provides minimal information to support the use of funds, the limited budget information includes unallowable expenditures. Less than 50% justified. Provides partial information to support the use of funds, Budget is not complete and/or is not cost efficient or related to activities and outcomes. More than 50% justified. Provides a clear concise budget with individual line items, description of funding use and what will be accomplished

Description of Benefit

Blank or provided no relevant information.  Unclear whether population affected would result in meaningful benefit. Less than 50% justified. Provides partial details of the impact on self/organization, University or campus community and goals. More than 50% justified.  Provides specific details, such as individuals and groups affected, the effect on the applicant and/or campus and relationship to future professional goals. 

Each reviewer will submit their rubric scoring. The average score of the entire review board within each category will be calculated and will influence the approval/denial of a submission. Rubric scoring and application approval/denial will be communicated to the applicant via their university email address.

Funding Disbursement


Communication with the business office will occur for the applicant to collect their funding.


Can be made on the first and third Thursday of every month with the designated Division of Student Affairs professional.

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