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Study abroad is a way to take advantage of educational travel which gives you 6 hours of elective credit. Our recent travel trips have included India, Italy and Cuba.


Edu 8609 Culture and Communities is offered as travel during the 10-day break between summer sessions. The 6-hour elective course begins with introductory and orientation meetings before the travel dates.

During the travel period, students gather cultural or community data regarding their own chosen research agendas. Travel includes flights, accommodations, many sights, some meals and a guaranteed cultural, educational experience, guided by tour guides and the faculty sponsor.

Watch for announcements of upcoming trips during your time with us: Oxford 2015 is in the planning stages.

Edu 8609 Course Description

The coursework will involve research and travel to a designated site for experience in leadership, culture exchange, and global understanding of education.  Students will research and develop analytical understanding regarding various cultural expectations and practice in education.


Read what a few of the Ed.D. students have to say about studying abroad: 

"I'll always remember the sights and sounds of India, even the aroma of spices in the market.  Highlights of our travel included seeing schools, meeting teachers, observing religious rituals along the Ganges. AND, I can't believe I was allowed to interview His Holiness the Karmapa, who will be the Tibetan leader after the Dalai Lama is deceased. Totally amazing trip!" (2010)

"After visiting Cuba, I much better understand the complex political relationship between the US and Cuba. I was fascinated by the stories and perspectives of the dignitaries who gave lectures and shared with us the educational goals in Cuba." (2013)

"I had not known about the Reggio Emilia approach to educating young children, until I visited Italy during the Culture and Communities course. The approach is recognized world wide as one of the best ways for educating children. And then, what can you say about the sights of Rome and the Italian food and the rambling trains through Tuscany and the beautiful Lago Maggiore in northern Italy? Wonderful way to obtain 6 hours credit!" (2011)

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