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What is FoOT?

Fundamentals of Online Teaching course (FoOT) is a seven-week course that serves as an introduction to the tools, techniques, and pedagogy instructors need to offer an engaging, high-quality online course built on aligned objectives, assessments, and learning activities. Developed and fine-tuned by the Texas Wesleyan CETL over the span of several years, FoOT has proven to be a challenging yet vital resource to professors who desire to move into the online venue. 

During the courseparticipants will use backward design to plan one unit of instruction and will explore ways to guide their students using best practices. They will learn how to align their learning objectives, assessments, learning activities, and materials in a way that makes the flow of the course logical, relevant, and transparent to studentsThey will also be introduced to methods to promote student interaction and sense of belonging, both of which are central to a successful online environment 

Every weekparticipants contribute to an interactive forum, such as a discussion board,  read articles, watch videos, and create artifacts for an upcoming hybrid or online course. They receive regular constructive feedback and can attend optional, virtual “study halls” to collaborate with their peers and get help from the course facilitator. 


Testimonials from recent FoOT graduates:  

“This course gives you a basic understanding of the expectations for teaching online/hybrid courses at Texas Wesleyan University. It familiarizes you with the basic tools for how to successfully navigate Blackboard and how to properly manage an online/hybrid course. While not all the tools will be useful for every individual course, it is good to gain an understanding on what is available so you can better adapt your courses to the changing landscape of higher education.” 

“The course is very worthwhile for online, hybrid and face-to-face instruction. The ideas concerning organizing materials and having course objectives align with course content is paramount in creating a solid academically defensible course. For me the course made me more aware of alignment and effective triangular communication (student, instructor, content). I believe this course is one every instructor would profit from taking.” 

 “Very well organized and comprehensive.  Everyone who wants to teach an online course should take this course! This course will benefit anyone who wants to improve teaching and student engagement.” 


Upcoming Sessions

Fundamentals of Online Teaching course (FoOT) is a seven-week course that serves as an introduction to the tools, techniques and pedagogy instructors need to offer an engaging, high-quality online course built on aligned objectives, assessments and learning activities.

Session 17 is Feb. 22 to April 16, 2021.

Session 18 is June 7 to July 23, 2021.

Session 19 is Sept. 13 to Nov. 1, 2021.

For more information or to sign up for FoOT sessions, please contact the CETL.