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Visit Campus

Take the first step. Visit campus.

You wouldn't buy a new car before test driving it, right? So why would you pick a college before you set foot on campus? The answer is, you wouldn't. Sign up for one of our campus visits and see for yourself what a "Smaller. Smarter." campus is all about.


Campus Visit Experience

Looking for a “Smaller. Smarter.” campus visit experience? Take a tour of the campus and get the answers you need. It lasts a couple of hours, and during the day, you'll:

  • Meet current students
  • See our classrooms
  • Wesleyan Wednesday
    You'll have lunch with professors
  • Talk with an admission counselor
  • Check out a residence hall

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Special Events

No matter if you're a junior in high school or a transfer student, we have an event designed just for you. Check back soon to sign up for our upcoming events.

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Graduate Events

Thinking about advancing your career with a master's degree or doctorate? Learn what a graduate degree can do for your future.

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Group Tour Information

Get in touch with our office for more information and scheduling about group tours at 817-531-4422 or admissions@txwes.edu.

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