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Get tutoring in the ASC

Undergraduate Students: Tutoring is offered at no charge for our undergraduate students in math, biology, chemistry, physics, accounting, history, psychology and writing by upper-level TXWES students. Peer tutoring primarily takes place in person in the ASC, but many tutors will provide virtual sessions via Teams. Those needing assistance after hours or in subjects not offered by peers may access Brainfuse from Canvas.

Peer tutoring will resume on August 26.

Distance Education Students: We've got you covered! You have access to as much tutoring as you need 24/7. See After Hours and Tutoring for Distance Ed Program Students below.

Graduate Students: Not to worry! We have tutoring support for you as well. See Graduate Student Tutoring below.

After Hours and Tutoring for Distance Ed Program Students

Are you enrolled in a distance education program or need help after hours?  Schedule a tutoring appointment via Brainfuse through Canvas. 

Graduate Student Tutoring

We understand that graduate students also appreciate tutoring assistance, especially with writing. Do you need answers to specific questions about a tough course? Do you want to check that you are approaching a concept correctly? Would you like assistance clarifying concepts? Or do you have a question but don't need a whole session?  

Schedule your online tutoring appointment via Brainfuse through Canvas or log-in here.

Don't forget to cancel any appointments that you are not able to attend.

Contact the ASC or call 817-531-4219 for questions. 

Check out some quick videos for more information.