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ASC tutoring available on Dead Day and through finals

11.30.2018 | By:
students during a tutoring appointment at the Academic Success Center at Texas Wesleyan

Finals prep stressing you out? 

The ASC will be open for tutoring on Dead Day and thru finals. Our tutors have modified their schedules and are ready to assist you. Don't wait until the last minute to get your appointment scheduled. 

Tutor tips for finals success:

  1. Come to your appointment prepared with questions.
  2. Use your reviews and old tests to study.
  3. Form study groups with classmates.
  4. Ask your professor for assistance.
  5. Take care of your health - get sleep and decrease caffeine consumption.
  6. Attend one of our review sessions.

Come by or call 817-531-4219 to set up an appointment. 

Good luck on your finals!