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ASC Tutor of the Month: Murtada Alnasser

11.14.2014 | By: Texas Wesleyan University

Congratulations to the tutor of the month in the Academic Success Center: Murtada Alnasser.

Murtada tutors Financial Accounting, Introduction to Business, and Personal Finance. Students will search for him to get his assistance. Most often, he is found in front of the whiteboard explaining debits and credits to a student during a tutoring session.  The session quickly turns into a large group of students listening intently to Murtada.  He is a very dedicated tutor.  He will meet with students outside of his normal tutoring hours in the ASC to answer their desperate pleas for help.

He enjoys being a tutor because he likes to help others, and he believes that helping students is great practice for him.  By explaining it repeatedly to other people, his knowledge of the material improves. In addition to being a successful student and tutor, he is the father of 2 children. He is an excellent example of how hard work can help you be successful.

The ASC appreciates all that Murtada does for students.

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