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Not happy with the grade on your test?

10.04.2021 | By:
photo of student in the ASC stressed

Didn't do too hot on your first exam and wondering what to do?

It's always good practice to review every test after you receive the grade. Not only can you determine where you made mistakes, but you can also see if you need to improve your study skills.

Here are five things to consider after a test.

  1. Be honest on your preparation for the test. Did you really study as much as you think? Or were you studying while watching a Netflix marathon? Maybe you need to find another study place with a different environment.
  2. Review the exam. Where were your mistakes? Were they from lack of knowledge or careless errors?
  3. Ask your professor how you can improve on the next test.
  4. Examine your study habits. Are you studying every day or just waiting until the night before to pull an all-nighter of binge studying?
  5. Visit the Academic Success Center and go over your test with a tutor. They can help give you tips on studying so you can ace that test.

For additional support, schedule an appointment with a tutor.