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ASC countdown to finals: Creating an action plan

04.20.2015 | By:

Have you determined when your finals are yet?

Are you still in denial that exams will be here in two weeks?

The ASC can help you face the fact that finals time is upon Texas Wesleyan. There are a number of ways the Academic Success Center can assist students, whether if be tutoring, providing a quiet location for studying or working on finals preparation with our general study tutor.

This week you should concentrate on creating your plan of action for finals.

5 tips to developing your plan of action:

  1. Create your study to-do list.
  2. Estimate the amount of time needed for each item on your to-do list and block it out on your schedule.
  3. Organize your notes.
  4. Develop study guides, mind maps and flash cards to study.
  5. Conduct short reviews of course material.

There are many advantages to beginning this process early. Not only does it allow you to decrease stress during finals week, but it also gives you time to get help on topics that you may not understand.

If you need assistance with finals preparation, come by the ASC.