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Check out the ASC's three tips for test review

09.15.2015 | By:

We can always feel when the first round of tests for the semester is beginning. There are distinct signs: requests for scantrons, increase in the number of students flocking into the ASC and, of course, the panic on student's faces.

One of the best ways to reduce this stress is to begin preparing for your test well in advance. This is no secret. We say this over and over again, but most students are experts at procrastinating.

Here are three tips for test review:

Same-Day Review

After each class reread and edit your notes. Check to see what you do and do not understand allowing you time to get help while it is still fresh on your mind.

This review should only take about 10 minutes per class.

Regular Weekly Review

Organize and condense your information. Reformat your notes by creating study questions, flash cards, study sheets and memory tricks.

A good weekly review should take about 30 minutes a week per class.

Final Review

Test yourself to get feedback about what you know, what you need to know and what you have trouble remembering.

Recall information without looking at your notes. Review your notes. Practice with a friend (if they are a positive study influence). This begins at least two nights before your test.

Come by the Academic Success Center for additonal test tips or schedule an appointment with our General Study tutor.