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Countdown to Finals: 4 tips for better intensive study

11.25.2014 | By:

In just one week from Thanksgiving, final exams begin. Thanksgiving break provides some extra preparation time for your finals.

This week you should be focusing on an intensive study of your course material. This allows you to accomplish the intense part of your studying this week and focus next week on just reviewing material before your final.

4 Tips for Intensive Study:

  1. Focus on comprehension of the material.
  2. Summarize the concepts by "re-teaching" to a classmate.
  3. Apply the concepts.
  4. Work practice problems for math- and science-based courses.

Remember that the tutors in the Academic Success Center will be adjusting their hours during finals in order to accommodate their own studying needs. We recommend that you come by the ASC to check their schedule in advance to ensure you are able to make an appointment before your final.

Come by the ASC for more information.