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Countdown to Finals: Four steps to a successful mini-review

11.17.2014 | By: Texas Wesleyan University

The Academic Success Center encourages students to begin their preparation for finals early. Our last two weeks of "Countdown to Finals" advice have stressed the importance of getting organized for your finals by finding out when you need to show up for the final and what you need to study.

It is also important to locate your old tests and assignments that can be used for study guides.

Begin your mini-review of your courses in 4 steps:

  1. Continue organizing your notes, exams and assignments to make sure you are not missing an important item. It is easier to find missing things now than the night before your final.
  2. Block out time each day to begin reviewing to determine what you do or do not understand in each course.
  3. Create flash cards and study guides.
  4. Come by the ASC to schedule appointments with a tutor for additional assistance with course material.

Remember, this is the last full week of classes before finals. Once we return from Thanksgiving there are only two days of classes plus the dead day.

If you need assistance with finals preparation, come by the ASC.


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