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Finals are coming. Are you ready?

11.07.2016 | By:
Students study at Texas Wesleyan University.

Finals are inching closer with each week. Have you started studying yet? If not, now is the perfect time to start reviewing your material to get ready for your tests. Here are some helpful hints to get you started studying.

  • Do not cram. Cramming is trying to learn the material at the last minute. Proper studying is splitting up the material and reviewing it in chunks over time.
  • Pace yourself. Give yourself study lengths between 40 and 90 minutes with planned breaks to regroup and recharge before going back to the material.
  • Schedule study times. Set up times during the week specifically for studying. Not only so you know what is coming, but so you aren't trying to fit it in between episodes of your favorite show.
  • Find your study space. Find an environment that doesn't have temptations that distract you from studying, like getting on social media, playing video games or watching TV. The more you can remain focused the better.

If you need additional tips or help with study techniques, contact the Academic Success Center (ASC).