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Summer procrastination: ASC offers helpful tips

07.21.2015 | By:

Do you decide to put your cleaning skills to the test when you have to study?

Do you update your Facebook status only to find yourself still scrolling 3 hours later?

Everyone has their own way of procrastinating. It seems to be human nature, especially for college students. It is so easy to become distracted during the summer, but the after-effects can be more detrimental during the short summer session.

Five tips from the ASC to avoid procrastination:

  1. Make a to-do list each day. Cross completed items off the list.
  2. Break a task down into small chunks of time. Reward yourself with a break upon completion.
  3. Find a friend who is a positive role model and study with that person.
  4. Set up a challenge and have your friends hold you accountable.
  5. Avoid hanging out with other procrastinators during deadline times.

For additional help with avoiding procrastination, come by the Academic Success Center.