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Three ways to make the most out of advising

10.20.2014 | By:
An image of Dr. Kay Colley meeting with a student outside.

Academic advising happens each semester and for most students, that time is now.

This the time to meet with your faculty advisor and schedule your classes for the upcoming semester.

All too often, students fail to get the most out of advising. Freshmen, we're especially talking about you. Your registration begins Nov. 13, so now is the best time to make your appointment.

With these three simple tips on how to make the most out of your advising appointment, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently get the advising you need.

Make an appointment.

Don’t wait until the last minute to meet with your advisor and risk missing out on the schedule that you want. Use the “email your advisor” link in Ramlink to send a quick note to your advisor and set an appointment. Some advisors are flexible and will advise via email or phone.

Here are three ways you can make an appointment with the Academic Advising Office:

Get prepared to ask questions.

Look at your degree audit in Ramlink and have a general idea of the classes you have taken and the classes that you need. Know which classes you want ahead of time, but be prepared for your advisor to tell you what you must take that semester.

Also, make a list of questions. Advisors aren’t mind readers so be sure to ask all the questions you need to ask.

Expert Tip: Copy and paste your degree audit in your appointment email to get a jump start on your advising discussion before you meet in person. Better yet, start the E-Advising process in Ramlink if your advisor utilizes this tool.

Own it!

You won’t always get the exact schedule or class section that you want. However, you know your situation the best. If you need night classes, don’t let your advisor only recommend day classes for your schedule – express this need upfront. Your advisor will let you know if it is possible. 

Electives are a great way to take classes outside of your major that might interest you. Don’t rely on your advisor to tell you what you should take. Pick classes that pique your interest.

You can ask classmates to recommend classes and then search for class sections in Ramlink to read the course descriptions.