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Students Visit Sixth Floor Museum

Outside of the Sixth Floor Museum

On Oct. 27, fourteen students and five faculty from the Social Science, Mass Communication, and English departments visited Dallas' Dealey Plaza and the Sixth Floor Museum, which is located within the former Texas School Book Depository building and chronicles the assassination and legacy of President John F. Kennedy. 

According to Dr. Alison Simons, who helped organize the trip, "It was planned to coincide with next month's 60th commemoration of the assassination of President John Kennedy, which took place on Nov. 22, 1963."

History junior Cesar Espino said that, "visiting Dealey Plaza and this museum helps us remember an important moment in our nation's history; a time of profound change and — since there is still so much controversy surrounding the assassination — the ongoing skepticism of government institutions."

The group traveled from downtown Fort Worth to Dallas' Union Station via the Trinity Railway Express. In Dallas, the students were also able to visit the JFK Memorial. 

The excursion was funded by Texas Wesleyan's Social Science Department.  For more information about such opportunities, please visit the School of Arts and Sciences.

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