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Criminal Justice Degree Opens Doors For Bigger Salary

Interested in becoming a police officer or working in law enforcement? Criminal justice is the major for you. Not only will you explore subjects such as the cause of crime, trends in the criminal justice field, research and modern issues, you'll also be set for a successful criminal justice career.

More opportunities, more money

Some police departments require a college degree. Having yours means you have opportunities others don’t. For example, the Arlington Police Department requires a degree and starting pay is approximately $65,000, after you graduate from the academy.

The Dallas Police Department and Fort Worth Police Department don’t require a college degree, but do require college credits. Dallas PD starts you off at approximately $66,960, but you’ll get another $300 each month with a criminal justice degree. Fort Worth PD starts at approximately $66,590, after academy graduation, plus an additional $120 a month for college graduates. Minor in Spanish, or another eligible language, and you could make another $110-125 each month.


A degree in criminal justice also sets you up for a promotion. Not only does that mean getting off the night shift sooner, it means using your degree to make a bigger impact on your community. The raise is also pretty nice, too.

What students are saying about Texas Wesleyan’s criminal justice program

Dr. Cary Adkinson is such a GREAT teacher! This is my first year at Texas Wesleyan and I am so happy I was able to take my Intro to Criminal Justice class with him. He made the class easy, fun, and interesting. If you have the chance, get a class with him! It is definitely worth it.”

“Dr. Adkinson is an amazing professor, dedicated to his students and passionate about the material. As long as you come to class and participate, do the reading, and complete the assignments, you will make an A. Dr. A[dkinson] is always there to help and is such an amazing professor! I can't wait to take his next class!”

Read more about Texas Wesleyan alumna and criminal justice major who made a drug bust on the first day of her job as a Southlake Police Officer.­­

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