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The Coolest Courses You Can Take As A Criminal Justice Major

Ever wanted to get an inside look on why criminals break the law? How about the way professionals investigate crimes through the victim’s point of view? These are just some of the topics you’ll explore on the way to a bachelor’s in criminal justice from Texas Wesleyan. For the most up-to-date information, download a sample degree plan.

Check out some of the coolest courses you can take as a criminal justice major:

Introduction to Criminal Justice

This will be your first taste of what the criminal justice system is all about. You’ll explore its principles and problems, along with the role of the criminal justice officer in the community, the rights of the individual citizen and the laws under which we live locally and globally. You’ll see how courts, corrections and law enforcement agencies work. With the help of various multimedia platforms, the course explores criminal justice issues, examines the issues that influence offenders and identifies explanations for delinquent and criminal behavior throughout the world.

Juvenile Delinquency

This course drills deep into the possible causes and consequences of crimes committed by juveniles, societal reaction to them and an overview of the juvenile justice system.

What students had to say about Juvenile Delinquency:

“Great lectures, you won’t go to sleep! Grades [are] straightforward. All test[s] are short answer and in class. He gives study guides before every test. Do the study guide and you will pass the test. All assignments are in class. So you must come to class to pass.”

“Juvenile delinquency was a very informative class. It really helped and gave me some good critical thinking skills. Dr. A[dkinson]’s lectures are always interesting.”


This course shifts the focus from the criminals to the victims of their crimes. You’ll get an overview of the history and theory of victimology, or the study of victims and how they are affected by crimes. You’ll consider the interaction between victims and the criminal justice system is considered in terms of the victim’s role and the services offered to them.

Here’s what one student had to say about Victimology

“Dr. Adkinson is an amazing professor, dedicated to his students and passionate about the material. As long as you come to class and participate, do the reading, and complete the assignments, you will make an A. Dr. A[dkinson] is always there to help and is such an amazing professor! I can't wait to take his next class!”

Special Topics

Special topics courses vary by semester but have covered topics including Homicide, Comic Books and Crime, Video Games and Criminal Justice and Criminal Justice in Cinema.


These aren't the only cool classes that are offered as part of the criminal justice degree at Texas Wesleyan. For more information, check out a sample degree plan today and see what classes you'll be taking as a criminal justice major.

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