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Dr. Colley presents at PRSA luncheon, provides student networking opportunities

04.10.2023 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
Dr. Kay Colley poses with her public relations class after speaking at a PRSA luncheon.

Learning doesn’t end when you leave the classroom. It’s something that is not only true for our current students, but also our alumni, faculty and staff.  

Dr. Kay Colley, professor of mass communication, spoke about getting masters-level degrees, certifications and more to public relations professionals at a Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) of Fort Worth luncheon earlier this month. Colley talked about the importance for public relations and marketing professionals to keep up with current trends through certifications, as many of the skills needed often change with time.  

Colley also brought her Public Relations Campaigns and Programs class along for the luncheon so they could network with professionals and gain insight into their future careers. 

“Attending the PRSA luncheons is the best way to integrate our students into the field,” Colley said. “They are able to network, find opportunities and learn how professionals practice public relations today.” 

As she was presenting, Colley mentioned that the students complete numerous certifications to help prepare them for working in the field, including being certified in social media management from places like Hootsuite.  

Colley also practices what she teaches. She has recently received the Accredited Public Relations (APR) credential, which is a prestigious certification given by PRSA that positions professionals as leaders and mentors in the competitive public relations field. 

“Getting your APR is a great, great thing to do, but it’s a process,” Colley said to the audience. “Knowing where you are unprepared and preparing yourself is really important.”  

And mass communication isn’t the only Texas Wesleyan major to have certifications that enhance job skills as part of the curriculum — business students can become certified in various areas, including accounting, supply chain management and more, while education, Spanish, English, science and history majors can get teaching certifications. (And that’s just the short list!)  

“It’s all about where you want to go,” Colley said. “Think about where you are and where you want to go [in your career]. Then think about the certifications and degrees that can help you get there.”  


Thinking about where you want to go? See how our degrees can get you there.  

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