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Student Awards for the spring 2018 TIPA Conference

04.05.2018 | By:
Hannah Onder, Dr. Kay Colley, Tina Huynh, and Hannah Lathen attended TIPA in 2018

Students from Texas Wesleyan University’s Mass Communication Department and Rambler Media Group won 30 awards at the Texas Intercollegiate Press Conference in Dallas.

The conference, which took place March 21-24, included onsite competitions and previously published awards ceremonies.  

Individual award winners included:

Grace Fisher

  • Second Place, Ad Design Static
  • Third Place, Advertising Campaign
  • First Place, Advertising Campaign
  • Third Place, Best Online Engagement Strategy
  • Second Place, Best Online Engagement Strategy

Sachiko Jayaratne

  • Third Place, Breaking News Video Story
  • Third Place, Multimedia Sports Story
  • First Place, Multimedia Sports Story

Tina Huynh

  • Third Place, In-Depth News Reporting Video

Heather Olivia Shannon

  • Second Place, Multimedia Feature
  • Third Place, Multimedia Slideshow

Hannah Lathen

  • Second Place, Op/Ed Page/Spread Design Newspaper

Jonathan Swiatocha

  • Second Place, Documentary Video

Mattie Morris

  • Third Place, Short Feature Story

Colt Taylor

  • First Place, Short Feature Story

LaTerra D’Na Wair

  • Third Place, Program Production Audio

Alpha Diallo

  • Second Place, Program Production Audio

April Suarez Olvera

  • First Place, Program Production Video

Alex Gudac

  • Third Place, Photo Illustration

Team award winners included

  • First Place, Rambler TV, Documentary Video
  • Second Place, Rambler TV, Newscast Video
  • Third Place, Rambler TV, Sportscast Video
  • Second Place, Rambler TV, Sportscast Video
  • First Place, Rambler TV, Sportscast Video
  • Third Place, Advertising/PSA/Promo Video
  • Third Place, MCO 2345, 3320, 4350 Spring 2017, Wesleynotes
  • Second Place, MCO 3351 Survey of PR and Sam Bastien, Fall 2017 Wesleynotes
  • First Place, Alpha Diallo and Laterra D’Na Wair, MCO 2399 Mobile Media Production
  • First Place, The Rambler, Special Edition Design Print, The Gradual Fall 2017
  • Honorable Mention, The Rambler, Overall Excellence Newspaper

Check out The Rambler at and Rambler TV at for the latest news around campus.

The director of Rambler TV, Tina Huynh, also won the Frank W. Buckley Scholarship, which is for $400. Students must attend four-year universities, have a GPA over 3.0 and display an excellence in journalism to be eligible for the scholarship.

Huynh was not expecting to win the scholarship and was completely taken aback when she heard her name called.

“Before they announced the scholarship I was talking with Hannah Onder, and I was saying I wouldn’t have a chance at winning,” Huynh said. “Right after that I heard my name and couldn’t believe it.”

Huynh is excited that she won the scholarship.

“I am beyond honored and thankful toward TIPA for awarding me the scholarship,” Huynh said. “It means a lot to me and my family, and it motivates me to do better.”

Several of the winning entries from this year’s competition were produced in Mass Communication classes. Dr. Kay L. Colley, department chair and Rambler Media Group director, was very excited about this development.

“We are lucky to have so many gifted students in our classes,” Dr. Colley said. “We know that, and now, all of Texas knows that as well.