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Top jobs for mass communication majors

Want to have a career in mass communication but have no idea what jobs you can get? The mass communication field is vast – ranging from jobs in advertising to reporting to public relations and more. Here are a few potential jobs that you can land after graduating with your mass communication degree from Texas Wesleyan.

Break the news as it happens as a journalist

Breaking news — the journalism field is changing! Being a reporter isn’t just working for a local paper or being on the local 6 o’clock news. It can be almost anything. Today, journalists like Under the Desk News and former YouTuber Phillip DeFranco are pulling huge numbers by reporting the news on TikTok, while others make 20-second news bites that fit perfectly in an Instagram story. As a journalist, it’s your responsibility to take what’s happening and get it out to the public through any channel you can. That can mean Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and more traditional media, like radio and broadcast television.

Don’t want to be a news reporter? No problem! If something’s happening, someone else is going to want to know about it. Think podcasts like Crime Junkies, Stuff You Should Know, Motivation Daily and more. You don’t have to just share the news! 

Become a play-by-play analyst for a professional sports team 

Did you know that over the 2021-22 NCAA basketball season, ESPN alone broadcasted over 1,000 games? That’s a lot of airtime — and that’s just for one sport in one year. As a mass communication and sports communication major, you’ll get to take classes like Mobile Production that give you entry-level experience in production. In the sports industry, the hardest step is often just getting your foot in the door, and a mass communication or sports communication degree from Texas Wesleyan will give you the education and the connections you need to be the next legendary play-by-play announcer.

Get creative as an advertising manager

Let’s set the scene — you love advertising, and you’re fascinated by all of the different media that corporations use to gain awareness. You’re a natural-born ad manager! Ad managers are part of the planning and rollout processes for advertising messages to be sure that they stay on-message and on-track. You’ll be involved in the creation of advertising materials — from posters to direct mail to display ads and paid search. This job calls for a creative person who isn’t afraid to break out of the mold to make their client’s product or service stand out from the crowd. At TXWES, you’ll learn about the advertising world with classes like Advertising Copywriting, Mass Media & Society and more. 

Promote and manage an organization’s public image

It can take years to build a brand, but it can take no time at all to lose credibility. That’s where public relations comes in. PR isn’t just responding to crises — it’s about building and keeping a strong brand image for your clients. As a mass communication at TXWES, you’ll learn all about what it takes to be successful in the PR world. You’ll learn to write press releases, handle the media, manage interviews and create content that promotes your client’s brand.

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