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Meet Our New Department of Music Coordinator, Kristen Carlini

09.29.2022 | By:

Meet our new Department of Music Coordinator, Kristen Carlini. Kristen is a former Texas Wesleyan music student and before taking on the position of music coordinator, she successfully ran her own personal hairstyling business for 17 years. In addition to helping others feel better about themselves with new hair styles, music was always Kristen’s first passion.

Kristen grew up in Northern Kentucky, directly across the river from Cincinnati, OH and moved to Texas in 2000. She attended Tarrant County Community College studying American Sign Language, and continued her education at Wesleyan as a music education major. As a vocalist and avid musician, Kristen understands the ins and outs of the music production world. Organizing, coordinating, recruiting and managing the music department is no easy feat, but Kristen does it with a melodic finesse. The music department here at Texas Wesleyan could not be more excited to have Kristen join the music ramily. Welcome aboard, Kristen!