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TXWES Mariachi Oro Azul attends Mariachi Spectacular in Albuquerque, NM

Texas Wesleyan Mariachi Oro Azul spent five days over the summer participating in a music conference, Mariachi Spectacular de Albuquerque, in New Mexico.

During their stay, Mariachi Oro Azul took six hours of workshops a day, practicing assigned music pieces, learning techniques to improve their instrument and voice performances and attending conferences about the history of the genre and Mariachi Spectacular. In the evening, participating groups of Mariachi Spectacular engaged in jam sessions where they mingled and played various songs with the addition of vocalists.

Second-year accounting major and Mariachi Oro Azul guitar and harp player Katherine Hernandez is determined to continue participating in the mariachi group. “Originally, I have been a member of the TXWES Mariachi as a guitarist,” she said. “However, in the Mariachi Spectacular, I took the challenging opportunity to learn the harp. It was difficult to learn a new instrument from a beginner level. I got frustrated a couple of times as I struggled to pluck strings on beat, or I would play the incorrect notes. Even so, I enjoyed every second of my harp learning process.” Hernandez plans to continue her involvement in Mariachi Oro Azul and pursue her passion for mariachi music.

While participating in Mariachi Spectacular, Mariachi Oro Azul and other groups partook in a showcase and competition. As a live-streamed event, all groups displayed their work and effort through music, singing and dancing. Mariachi Oro Azul engaged in their first competition and enjoyed their experience. The participants this year, along with Prof. Ramon Niño III, were:

  • Abigail Rueda – Psychology
  • Gidalti Chi – Marketing & Religion
  • Lissette Salgado – English
  • Patricio Izaguirre – Music Education
  • Elyssa Williams – Music Education
  • Gabrielle Little – Business Administration
  • Lindsay Salgado – Music
  • Katherine Hernandez – Business Administration

If you are interested in joining Mariachi Oro Azul, contact Dr. Ilka Araujo at

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