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Psychology careers you can pursue after graduating

Social Worker

Social workers can have an invaluable impact on peoples’ lives. You’ll help clients adjust to major changes, like illness, divorce or unemployment, and foster relationships with them to track their progress. You’ll have the chance to advocate for causes by working with groups, community organizations and policymakers to improve programs. You may also choose to focus on a particular type of social work, such as working with children and families, mental health and substance abuse patients or in healthcare.

Sports Psychologist

Work with athletes by taking your psychology skills to the playing field. Sports psychologists focus on topics like motivations to help athletes stay strong mentally, perform better in competition and recover from sports injuries.

School Psychologist

Have an interest in education? Make a difference in the lives of children and their families by becoming a school psychologist. You’ll use your knowledge to advise parents, teachers and administrators on topics like learning styles and behavior techniques. You’ll use data and consultation to assess an individual child’s needs. You may also be called upon to serve as a resource to students, faculty and staff in times of separation and loss.

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Take your psychology interests into the business world. Depending on the industry, you may put together training programs to get the most out of employees. You may study a company’s work environment, structure or motivation to see if it is working at its best. In a retail setting, you may study customers’ reactions to products and advertising and see where improvements can be made.

Those careers are just a start. Check out other paths you can take by pursuing psychology. Whether you are ready to jump into work right after graduation or would prefer taking the grad school route, your options are endless with a psychology degree.


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