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5 Traits Great Theatre Artists Share

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Theatre — it can allow you to step into a new world for a few moments of time. It takes a lot of creativity, ingenuity and strategy to get the audience to forget about their reality and slip into the action on stage. From behind-the-scenes experts to on-stage performers, theatre artists can shape the way an audience thinks, connects and feels. Thinking about a theatre arts career? Here are a few traits that may give you a boost.  

You’re an endless explorer 

The greatest theatre artists aren’t afraid to take risks. No one wants productions to be the same ol’ story over and over again — they want some new life brought in, even if it’s to an old tale. Think of Gnomeo & Juliet. It’s another rendition of Romeo and Juliet, but with a twist on the ending, fun music and some unique takes on the characters. 

Being creative, bold and unafraid to take risks can take the production to a whole new level. And it doesn’t just apply to writers — trying new acting techniques, stage designs, bold costuming or even including some different lighting and sound can take a show from good to great.  

You’re a great storyteller 

This one might sound a little obvious, but theatre artists are great at telling stories. Whether it be writing the story, acting out the story or designing the look and feel of the story, everyone working in the theater has the exact same mission — tell the story. Being able to share stories through plays, performances and other creative aspects is a powerful way to share ideas, experiences and new perspectives with the audience. And it’s not just in the form of acting — Swan Lake tells a story with dance and The Starry Night tells a story with paint. Many good theatre artists know how to use several different elements to tell their tales.  

You’re hardworking 

Theatre artists know putting on a show takes a lot of prep work, practice and determination. There may be late nights perfecting a performance or taking time to restage a scene on set. People who work in the theatre know the true meaning of “practice makes perfect.” They work toward perfection, even if that means pushing their limits. 

At Texas Wesleyan, you’ll get hands-on experience putting on shows. You’ll learn how to manage your time while striving to be the best. That’s why our theatre grads are extremely employable — they know what it takes to make it. Our alumni are currently working in positions ranging from stage to screen and traveling the world performing on cruise ships.  

You’re a team player 

The curtain rises. You hit your mark. The crowd cheers. What is better than working hard with your friends to make something incredible happen? Theatre artists surround themselves with friends and mentors that will help them achieve their goals and take the entire concept of teamwork to the next level. You’ll see the results of your work when the show comes together. It might be why scholarship opportunities are plentiful for theatre majors

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