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Dr. Linda Metcalf comments in WFAA story about Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy case

03.20.2019 | By:
Photo of Dr. Linda Metcalf speaking with WFAA about a Tarrant County arrest involving Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

WFAA/News 8 recently featured Linda Metcalf, Ph.D., director of graduate counseling programs, in a story about a Tarrant County mother accused of suffocating her own baby girl in a hospital room.

Metcalf explained that Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is a mental disorder where caregivers injure or make ill the person they are supposed to protect, often a child or elderly person.

"They're looking for another way to get attention to fill up their lives with something important," Metcalf said. "Often they're people that feel like their lives are out of their control."

Watch the full story above and WFAA’s website to read more.