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CRNA students from across the U.S. come to Fort Worth for simulation training

07.10.2018 | By:
Pic from the Simulation Symposium

The Graduate Programs of Nurse Anesthesia (GPNA) has partnered with the University of North Texas Health Science Center to provide an innovative learning format for the 4th annual Simulation Symposium, July 20-23.

Before beginning their 16-month residency in nurse anesthesia, GPNA’s 112 first-year nurse anesthesia students will converge on the UNT campus to simulate ultra-realistic clinical residency procedures and scenarios. New this year is the use of pulsatile cadavers. Cadavers allow students to visualize and to appreciate variations in anatomy while performing ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks. Faculty, third-year nurse anesthesia residents, clinical instructors and GPNA alumni will facilitate the learning and guide the students while they insert spinals, epidurals, central venous catheters and cannulate arteries in designated task trainers. Also, during this rigorous four-day event, students will practice their airway management skills, and learn airway and gastric volume assessment using ultrasound technology.

“Simulated experiences with repetitive hands-on practice augment classroom teaching and increase a nurse anesthesia resident’s confidence and competence before delivering their first anesthetic. Scenario-based simulation using task trainers, computerized mannequins and live standardized patients enhances critical thinking skills and influences patient outcomes,” said simulation center coordinator, Brian Koonce DNAP, CRNA.

Multiple corporate sponsors will be on hand each day to share information with students about employment opportunities, financial planning, anesthesia equipment and augmented/virtual-reality-based simulation. GPNA is proud to partner with all our sponsors and is grateful for the additional resources that make the annual simulation symposium an event that the GPNA residents and alumni return to each year.