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Doctoral students attend AANA Congress

01.19.2023 | By: Texas Wesleyan University

One of the courses embedded in the curriculum of the Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice is Health Policy. Its course description, in part, states that the course focuses on advocating for improvements in health care delivery, anesthesia services and the nurse anesthesia profession. In addition, the course faculty model active professional involvement.

Brittany Christoforo and Halie Tackitt, both students in the entry-level doctoral program, recently attended the AANA Congress in Chicago, IL, supported by the Reinke Fund. The Reinke Fund, named after the first, beloved professor of anatomy and physiology, Dr. Rod Reinke, accepts donations primarily from alumni and is used solely for student support.

Brittany recalled her experience: “I was first introduced to the idea of attending a CRNA convention after learning about the importance of leadership and advocacy in our profession. During the AANA Congress, Halie and I discovered current affairs that will ultimately shape the future of nurse anesthesiology. We sat through interesting lectures that highlighted new research and evidence-based practice. We developed a greater understanding of how the AANA represents us, why we're encouraged to join and how we can be stronger together. We also met upperclassmen from our program, enjoyed spending time with our professors, and connected with other CRNAs from across the world!”

Halie described her experience: “I had a handful of SRNA friends at other universities who encouraged me to sign up for Annual Congress with them after sharing with me the positive things they had heard about the conference. We thought it would be a fun way to reconnect and enter into the world of nurse anesthesia together. I was impressed with how many CRNAs and SRNAs attended the conference, as well as how many helpful student sessions there were available specifically for us. The most valuable thing I gained from the experience was seeing firsthand the perks of being involved in a professional organization. It was such a fun weekend filled with learning, networking…I’d like to attend AANA Annual Congress again in the future.” 

It’s exciting to see student involvement, collegiality, and the future of nurse anesthesia! If you’d like to be a part of supporting students at the AANA Congress or ADCE, please give to the Reinke fund.

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