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Clinical Site Highlight: Mobile Infirmary, Mobile, Alabama

09.27.2021 | By:

Clinical Site Highlight: Mobile Infirmary in Mobile, Alabama

Did you know that Mardi Gras began in Mobile, Alabama? The first official Mardi Gras celebration was held in 1703. Some historians believe Mobile edged out New Orleans as the birthplace since New Orleans didn’t have organized parties, balls, and dinners until after 1718.

While Texas Wesleyan hasn’t used Mobile Infirmary as a clinical site for quite that long, our students have enjoyed more than a decade of experiences at a top-notch not-for-profit trauma center at the head of Mobile Bay. Students learn anesthesia in a 681-bed facility that offers a complete range of medical services. Mobile Infirmary is not only a regional center for medical care, but also for research and education. For the families of the students, Mobile offers world-class golf, Gulf Coast beaches, and a mild climate.

Students at Mobile Infirmary are led by Dr. Melissa Kellam, DNAP, CRNA who mentors her cohorts through the art and skill of anesthesia and creates team building activities, community service opportunities and a supportive environment. Here are just a couple of the yearly comments related to the clinical site at Mobile Infirmary:

“Very satisfied with the site. Melissa is a very strong student advocate and makes sure we all got ample opportunities and independence. She’s nurtured a culture that’s respectful of SRNAs and it comes from the top down. The MDAs respect her opinion and have a very cordial relationship with students, always willing to teach, taking initiative to encourage students to try new techniques. Overall, the whole clinical segment rests on Melissa’s shoulders and she’s done a perfect job according to me and other students agree too.”

“I was able to practice anesthesia in a variety of cases with knowledgeable professionals. Dr. Kellam is hands down one of the biggest advocates for her students and I recommend her clinical site to anyone. She is encouraging and a huge inspiration to all of us ... She made us not only think outside of the box as individuals but she made sure we were team players. She was the catalyst to our success and we came out clinically stronger because of her and this site. This woman is amazing!"