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How Can You Help: The Reinke Fund?

05.06.2022 | By:

Dr. Roderick Reinke was the first director of the Graduate Programs of Nurse Anesthesia. A professor of biology, Dr. Reinke taught for over two decades at Texas Wesleyan University and was directly involved in producing some of the finest nurse anesthetists in the country. Each year, students came to value Dr. Reinke’s knowledge and commitment to educating future nurse anesthetists. He consistently received course evaluations such as:

“He once told me that he would never insult my intelligence and teach us mediocre material just because we were nurses. He does not discriminate in the level of information he has to teach, nor does he hold back when it comes to test questions that will prove, hands down, that you understand the material to the tee. Best professor ever.”

The Reinke Fund was established both to honor Dr. Reinke and to provide support to students in the program. Currently, the Reinke Fund helps scholarship students chosen to attend professional meetings such as AANA Congress and/or Mid-Year Assembly.

If you have been looking for a way to “give back” or support nurse anesthesia education, consider donating on a one-time or continuing basis to the Reinke Fund.