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Texas Wesleyan CRNAs featured in Colorado nurse anesthetist videos

10.30.2014 | By:
Texas Wesleyan DNAP graduates, CRNA student and coordinator at the university's University of Colorado Hospital clinical site are featured in a Colorado Association of Nurse Anesthetists video.

An MSNA student, several graduates of the 100-percent online DNAP program and the coordinator for one of Texas Wesleyan's clinical sites in Colorado were interviewed in two videos produced by the Colorado Association of Nurse Anesthetists in October 2014.

The videos, filmed at five hospitals throughout Colorado, including Texas Wesleyan's clinical site at the University of Colorado Hospital in Denver, explained the crucial role nurse anesthetists play in providing anesthesia care in rural areas.

"Our DNAP and MSNA graduates provide quality anesthesia care and leadership no matter where they practice," said Paul Austin, Ph.D., director of curriculum and research for Texas Wesleyan’s DNAP program. "They've mastered the full scope of nurse anesthesia, which is critical in largely rural states like Colorado."

The 11-minute video features Sara Sheets, an SRNA in Texas Wesleyan's MSNA program who graduates in December 2014, and Joanne Donnelly, CRNA, DNP, the clinical coordinator at Texas Wesleyan's facility at the University of Colorado Hospital where Sheets is a student.

Sheets and Donnelly can both be seen practicing in the video in addition to their interviews, and are featured in both versions of the video.

In the 30-minute video, Stephanie May, CRNA, DNAP, and Sarah Figueroa, CRNA, DNAP, explain the historical roots and significance of the nurse anesthetist profession. Scott Shaffer, CRNA, DNAP, is featured interacting with a patient prior to administering anesthesia. All three nurse anesthetists are 2011 graduates of Texas Wesleyan's DNAP program.

"There's a need for quality CRNAs not just in Colorado, but across the nation," said Austin. "Texas Wesleyan CRNAs continue to meet that need, and these videos do a fantastic job of illustrating how."

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