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TXWES CRNA alumna featured for her mission for breast cancer awareness

10.26.2020 | By:

Ginnie Londahl-Ramsey (pictured above in the center), a 2015 graduate of Texas Wesleyan’s DNAP completion program, recently told the story of her own breast cancer diagnosis and how it inspired her to spread the word on awareness.

Ginnie, now working as a nurse anesthetist in South Florida, is teaming with local surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Argüelles to create a series of evidence-based, educational videos that will empower patients with knowledge of their treatment options, especially those considered disadvantaged. She recently shared her story with WINK-TV in Fort Myers, FL.

“We need to look at each patient individually and see what their barriers are to care and help them go over those barriers and receive care,” Ramsey told WINK.

She added that patients should never be afraid to ask questions about their options.

“You have to advocate for yourself, and you have to ask questions. And if you don’t know the questions to ask, find family that will help you and support you and bring somebody with you to ask questions for you. It’s okay to ask.”

Watch Ginnie’s full interview with WINK News below and if you, or someone you know, needs more information on breast cancer treatment options, you can watch Ginnie’s videos on YouTube.