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Double duty: how we prepare you for school counseling in 2 years

10.21.2015 | By:
What to see what our master's of school counseling program looks like? Here's how we do it.

Graduate programs are as unique as the schools that offer them. Each comes with its own set of professors, rubrics, requirements and timelines. For some people, they want a graduate program that is fast and strenuous. Others can only fit so many classes into their schedule, so they like to extend the amount of time of their program in order to have a more manageable class load.

At Texas Wesleyan, the length of our graduate programs differ. Some are year-long programs. Our master’s degree in school counseling is a two-year program. In just two years, you can have a fulfilling career as a school counselor. This is how we do it:

Fall, Year One:

You’ll get an introduction to school psychology and counseling in general. In your first semester, you will study counseling theory and get the foundation that you will use to build your career upon.

Spring, Year One:

This semester, you will focus on the individual, as well as the group. You will explore human growth and development before studying cross-cultural counseling as it relates to school counseling.

Summer, Year One:

You will spend your summer learning about ethics in counseling, as well as proper conduct for counselors. This is extremely important for your career as a school counselor. A clear understanding of ethics plays a vital role in a successful counseling career.

Fall, Year Two:

Your second year of graduate school for your master’s degree in school counseling will help you apply all of the theories you learned in year one, starting with crisis training and more advanced counseling techniques that you will use when working with students.

Spring, Year Two:

This semester, you will focus on your practicum. A practicum gives you applicable experience in your field, which means real clients with real issues. Here, you can make a real difference in your patients’ lives. You’ll visit a local K-12 school in order to truly understand what it’s like to work with students.

Summer, Year Two:

For your final semester, you will focus on group counseling, specifically on marriage and family counseling, and prepare for life outside of the classroom.

Two years in our master’s degree in school counseling program allows you to get an in-class education and out-of-class experience at a pace that is manageable for anyone working full-time or dealing with a full schedule. To figure out how to make your master’s degree in school counseling fit into your timeline, call our admissions counselors today.