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Potential careers using your master’s in marriage & family therapy

10.23.2015 | By:
Put your master's of marriage and family therapy to work with these diverse career paths.

When you think of a marriage and family therapist, you probably think of someone working in a group practice who meets with couples, parents and children. This is one path you can take once you’ve earned your master’s degree in marriage and family therapy. But there are many options available to you with an advanced degree.

If you’re considering a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and are wondering what kind of positions will be available to you upon completion of your degree, here are a few options to keep in mind.

Adolescent Counselor

Being a marriage and family therapist gives you the option to specialize in working with children and young adults in your own private or group practice, a children’s hospital or another setting where you can help children.

Government Employee

The government offers plenty of opportunity for marriage and family therapists. Whether it is working with soldiers and their families as they return to life from deployment to working at a government facility, there are many options for you to help others in this industry.

Outpatient Program Coordinator

Working at a clinic to manage outpatient cases allows you to have more management responsibilities than you may have in other roles. While every clinic is different, tasks in this role could include taking on individual classes or managing groups and classes.

Hospital Worker

Hospitals employ full-time counselors to work with both long-term and short-term patients. While some may work on a psychiatric floor, others work with hospice patients or sick children.

School Therapist

If you have an interest in working in an educational setting, you may love being a school therapist! While you will help sort out differences between students and fight bullying, you will also help children deal with difficult issues at home and other issues dealing with their mental health.

Social Service Therapist

Like social workers, you can work with children in the foster care system or who are in the process of being adopted. These times can be difficult for both the children and their new families, and you can help to make the transition easier.

Employee Assistance Program Coordinator

Employee Assistance Programs offer health and wellness resources to employees and are offered by employers. Employees are able to seek out free or reduced counseling, including marriage counseling.

Nursing Home Therapist

Aging and the complications that come with it is difficult for individuals and their family. Therapists in retirement communities and nursing homes can help families work through illness and financial struggles.

Church Counselor

Counselors at churches and other religious institutions typically handle pre-marriage counseling and marriage preparation classes. They also offer counseling for family issues.

Your degree can take you wherever you would like to go as long as you are determined to succeed. And whatever you choose, it is sure to lead to a fulfilling degree. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level with your master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, contact our admissions counselors today!