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Mark your calendars for University College Day, April 16

02.02.2015 | By:

Mark your calendars for University College Day on Thursday, April 16, 2015—a day when students, staff and faculty come together to celebrate the intellectual and community life of Texas Wesleyan University.

All day long, we will be sharing the interests and projects that have been driving our learning experiences, so faculty members are encouraged to redirect students during class times to attend sessions of their particular choices.

This event offers us the opportunity to encourage learning beyond the classroom by linking students’ attendance at sessions to course content or skills as students see the results of their peers’ and professors’ research, collaborative projects, and creative endeavors.

Our keynote speaker this year is Roger Nierenberg, distinguished conductor and creator of The Music Paradigm. Nierenberg’s program is a groundbreaking, experiential learning event in which he uses the symphony orchestra as a metaphor for gaining insight into organizational behavior, leadership, and teamwork and helping to achieve change for those companies and institutions.

Our alumni speaker this year is Quentin McGown, Tarrant County Associate Judge and Probate Master.

Faculty and students wishing to participate in UCD may apply through the submissions page beginning February 2, 2015. The deadline for proposal submissions is March 1, 2015, with no extension this year.

Watch for the UCD schedule online, and plan your day!

Please email questions to the Chair of the UCD Committee, Ilka Araújo, Ph.D. at