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Transcriptions and closed captioning in Microsoft Teams

02.09.2022 | By:
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Microsoft Teams has the capability to create both live captions and transcripts of recordings. These tools are available for professors to help meet accessibility needs. They have different functions and availability, but both capture speech as it is happening in the call and display it for users that choose to see them.

About Transcripts

  • Transcripts can be enabled by the presenter.
  • Once enabled, transcripts can be seen by all participants.
  • Transcripts can be reviewed by all participants after the call.
  • Transcripts are preserved with the recording and follow along with the playback.

About Live Captions

  • Live Captions can be enabled by all users
  • Live Captions can be seen only by the person who enabled them
  • Live Captions cannot be viewed after the call
  • Live Captions are not preserved with the recording, even if the recording user has them enabled

An infographic detailing the difference between live captions and transcripts in Microsoft Teams