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Pass/Fail Summer 2020

07.10.2020 | By:

While summer courses continue to be offered online, you may be thinking about your course grading. Faculty approved the pass/fail grading policy to be extended from spring and applied to all summer 2020 terms for undergraduate students.

You have the option to change your courses to pass/fail and will be able to make that decision after you see your course grades at the end of the semester.  You may choose any or all of your classes as pass/fail. A survey to collect your course information and your pass/fail selections will be sent out via campus email on Aug. 3.

However, there may be implications for you depending on your individual circumstance.  For additional details, please read the information outlined below.

Pass/Fail Policy

Undergraduate students are allowed the option of taking any class as pass/fail in summer 2020.  You all will have three options when it comes to your course grades this semester:

  • Earn a passing grade and receive the letter grade that you earned (A, B, C, etc). As always, if you have a legitimate concern that your grade does not accurately reflect your work in the course, you can appeal the grade using the Grade Appeal process detailed in the University Catalog.
  • Earn a passing grade and elect to receive the grade of “Pass” or "P" which will not be reflected in your semester or cumulative GPA. A grade of “Fail” or “F” results in zero (0) grade points for the course and is included in the calculation of your GPA.
  • Elect not to receive a course grade by requesting a withdrawal or drop from any class by the designated date on the academic calendar for your summer term. Please contact your academic or faculty advisor, course instructor, team coach (if applicable) and financial aid before dropping any courses. You can drop a course by emailing a request to drop a course to your instructor or by contacting a member of the centralized advising center.

Important Considerations

The following additional information should be considered when considering a grade of pass/fail:

  • If the course(s) you are enrolled in is a prerequisite to other courses, a grade of “P” in your current course(s) will satisfy the grade prerequisite for subsequent courses. For example, if BUA 43xx requires a grade of “C” or higher in BUA 33xx to register, electing a grade of “P” in BUA 33xx will satisfy the BUA 43xx prerequisite grade requirement.
  • If you are on academic probation or restricted enrollment, remember that grades of “P” will not increase your GPA.
  • If you are retaking a class because of the grade you received the first time taking it, be sure to consult your advisor before choosing the pass/fail option.
  • If your degree is in preparation for licensure by a state, if you plan to pursue enrollment in graduate school, or you are enrolled in a dual credit course, please be sure to consult with a faculty advisor before electing a grade of “P” or “F”.
  • If you are in a developmental course, please discuss the considerations of a “P” grade with the instructor of the course before electing a grade of “P”.
  • You should check if your family has purchased products such as auto insurance which are priced based on your GPA before electing course grades of “P” which will not be reflected in your GPA.

You should contact the Office of Financial Aid if you:

  • Are receiving a scholarship that is semester GPA/performance based, or
  • Are receiving Veterans benefits to pay for your tuition
    • If you are Veteran, you will not lose pay if the pass/fail grade is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Electing Pass/Fail Grade

The dates for electing a pass/fail grade for summer 2020 are as follows:

Summer 2020 courses – All Terms – August 3-21

You will be able to see your individual course grades before deciding whether to elect a pass/fail grade in any or all courses. Graduating seniors should expect the conferral of the degree approximately two weeks after Aug. 21.

A survey to collect your course information and your Pass/Fail selections will be sent out via campus email on Aug. 3.

For more information, please contact