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TXWES alumna, adjunct, student named Teacher of the Month

08.29.2018 | By:
Photo of Texas Wesleyan graduate, and adjunct professor Ashly spencer

When Ashly Spencer was studying education as an undergraduate at Texas Wesleyan she didn’t know she would be changing lives. Now, she’s being recognized for her hard work.

For her use of technology in the classroom and the learning atmosphere she provides her students with, the blog Teach to Teach has honored Spencer with its first Teacher of the Month award. She’s a third-grade teacher, a current Ed. D. student, and an adjunct professor at Texas Wesleyan. According to the blog, she is the embodiment of its motto: “Let education mend our nation.”

In her Own Words

“I believe all students are individuals who deserve a secure, caring and innovating atmosphere where they can grow intellectually, socially and physically,” Spencer told Teach to Teach. “As an educator, I desire to create a positive learning environment where students have a voice in their curriculum, are intellectually challenged and stimulated, actively learn and engage with technology, take risks, collaborate and explore the innovative world.”

She credits her accomplishments to the people that supported her along her journey to becoming a successful teacher.

Returning to TXWES

Spencer graduated from Texas Wesleyan with an undergraduate degree in early childhood education and then returned to work towards her Doctor of Education in curriculum and education, technology emphasis.

This past summer, while taking a TXWES class on curriculum design, Spencer created a course in technology integration at the elementary level. Dr. Jaqueline Gaffner, who taught Spencer in the design course, Dr. William Newton and Dr. Carlos Martinez, dean of the School of Education, asked Spencer to teach the class she designed as an adjunct professor at TXWES.

“She is very passionate about integrating technology with curriculum,” Gaffner said, “and I know what she has to share will greatly benefit our students.”

Teach to Teach also donates one book to a low-income school for every purchase made on their site. You can check out Spencer’s full interview.