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Students at Texas Wesleyan University now have a unique opportunity to be part of the Learning Communities program. This special program, funded by the Title III federal grant, provides a wide range of support, service, academic opportunities, state-of-the-art technology, and dedicated advising.

Students are enrolled as a group in 2 or 3 common courses that share interdisciplinary themes. These LC Cluster groups share classes and experience a supportive engaging environment that helps them transition to life as a Wesleyan university student. Students also develop a social support network for study and fun. LC professors work together, communicating with each other regarding course content and student progress.

Freshman Learning Communities for the fall semesters are a combination of three courses: two academic courses and a freshman seminar class while spring semester LCs combine two academic courses. These LC Clusters are linked thematically to explore global issues and “big questions.” LC students are supported by a faculty advocate who helps them in their first year as a university student.

Transfer Learning Communities connect two linked academic courses for students who are new to Wesleyan. The cluster groups work closely with one another and with their professors to explore a common topic or common readings through the lenses of different disciplines or with a common view toward a career path. Students build relationships and establish networking contacts within their field of study.

No complicated or special application process is required to be included in Learning Communities. Students should ask their Academic Advisor if there is an LC Cluster that best suits them. Be sure to register early since there are a limited number of slots available.

We are excited to be able to offer this new and highly acclaimed learning opportunity.



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