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Return of Title IV Funds

Return to Title IV Funds Policy and Procedures

First Day of the Semester: Texas Wesleyan University (TXWES) will disburse Financial Aid to you, the student, based upon your enrollment status as of the first day of the semester. However, you have twelve (12) days to adjust your enrollment before you are locked into your enrollment for the semester and your financial aid eligibility will be based on your locked enrollment status on day 12.

Census Date: TXWES allows students twelve (12) calendar days to change their enrollment during each semester. After twelve (12) days, you will be locked into your enrollment level (this means credit hours that you are enrolled for each semester).

Adding classes after you have received your financial aid or withdrawing from classes that have been paid for, may impact your eligibility. Always check in with a Financial Aid Advisor so that you are aware of the consequences that changing your enrollment status may have on your financial aid eligibility.

Federal law specifies how TXWES determines the amount of Title IV program assistance that you earn if you withdraw from school. The Title IV Programs that are covered by this law are:

  • Direct Unsubsidized Loan
  • Direct Subsidized Loan
  • Direct Parent or Graduate PLUS Loan
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant
  • Federal SEOG
  • Teach Grant

TXWES and The Department of Education expects all students to remain in their classes each semester for which federal financial aid funds were issued for. When you withdraw during any payment period (semester), the amount of Title IV program assistance that you have earned up to that point is determined by a specific formula.

If you received more financial assistance than you have earned, the excess funds must be returned to The Department of Education. This also applies if you receive incomplete grades (W, F, NP, or I) in all of your attempted classes during the semester.

A student’s withdrawal date is:

1. The date the student initiates the institution’s withdrawal process; or

2. The midpoint (50 percent) of the period/semester for a student who leaves without notifying the institution; or

3. The student’s last date of attendance at a documented academically related activity.

Unearned Title IV aid shall be returned to the following programs in the following order:

  1. Director Unsubsidized Loan
  2. Direct Subsidized Loan
  3. Direct Parent or Graduate PLUS Loan
  4. Federal Pell Grant
  5. Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant
  6. Federal SEOG
  7. Teach Grant

A student who has not participated or attended any classes during the semester will be required to repay 100% of all financial aid funds disbursed to him/her.  Students receiving non-completion grades may also be required to repay 100% of funds if they cannot establish that they have attended class during the semester. 

Students must provide documentation of class attendance within a given time frame. Acceptable forms of documentation of class attendance include exams, records of attendance or computer assisted instruction.

The amount of assistance that you have earned is determined on a prorated basis. For example, if you completed 30% of the payment period/semester, you earned 30% of the assistance you were originally scheduled to receive.

Once you have completed more than 60% of the payment period or period of enrollment, you earn all of the assistance that you were scheduled to receive for that period.

Below are the 2022-23 School Year dates in which you will have reached 60% completion for the semester:

Semester 60 Perecent Reached
Summer 2022 July 14, 2022
Fall 2022 October 25, 2022
Spring 2023 March 27, 2023

If you did not receive all of the funds that you were entitled to, you may be due a post-withdrawal disbursement. If the post-withdrawal disbursement includes loan funds, your school must get your permission before disbursing them. You may choose to decline some or all of the loan funds so that you do not incur additional debt. TXWES may automatically use all or a portion of your post-withdrawal disbursement of grant funds for tuition, fees, and other charges on your student account.

There may be some Title IV funds that you were scheduled to receive that cannot be disbursed to you once you withdraw because of other eligibility requirements. For example, if you did not accept your Federal Direct Loan(s), and we do not have a loan origination for you, you would not be entitled to those loan funds, as you are no longer enrolled in your classes. Federal Direct Loan Funds cannot be disbursed unless the student is enrolled.

If you receive (or the school or your parent receives on your behalf) excess Title IV program funds that must be returned, TXWES must return a portion of the excess funds equal to the lesser of:

1. Your institutional charges multiplied by the unearned percentage of your funds, or

2. The entire amount of excess funds.

Students are responsible for any portion of their institutional charges that are left outstanding after funds are returned to The Department of Education.  Failure of the student to pay in full within 45 days or to make a payment plan to repay the outstanding debt will result in TXWES reporting the student’s account to the National Student Loan Database (NSLDS). This action will result in you not being eligible to receive Federal Student Aid from any Title IV Institution in the United States until you settle your outstanding balance with TXWES.  All institutional charges owed will need to be paid at the Cashier’s office. 

Failure to complete coursework may also impact your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) at TXWES.  You are encouraged to work with your academic advisors to ensure that you are on track to a successful completion of your degree.  For detailed information please review the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.