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How to graduate from college debt free? Scholarships.

01.12.2018 | By:
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According to U.S. News & World Report, we know 3 things have changed when it comes to college.

  1. College costs more than it used to
  2. Parents aren’t able to help as much
  3. Students are graduating with a lot of debt

Don’t freak out. We’re here to help. You can not only afford college—even a private one—but could graduate debt free.

Getting a scholarship – or multiple – is a big priority. Why? Your tuition is covered and you don’t have to pay it back after you graduate. Take a look at 3 ways to help yourself score a free ride to college.

1. Look at schools with a lot of scholarships

Are you interested in a specific school? Check out what scholarships they offer to students. Usually, these are academic scholarships that you’re applying for when you submit your college application. That’s how we do it!

If one college has better scholarships than another, maybe that will change your mind on where you want to go. Check it out and see.

2. More applications now, less debt later

There are so many scholarships out there, it’ll make your head spin. Visit your high school’s counseling office and ask about scholarships you can apply for. Anyone from your local rotary club to major corporations could offer college scholarships to graduating high school students.

And, what’s the golden rule? Apply, apply, apply. There’s no such thing as too many scholarship applications. The more scholarships you’re awarded, the less money you’ll have to pay in tuition, fees, housing and other costs.

3. Keep your transcript and application looking sharp

A lot of scholarships are based on your academic achievements — GPA, test scores, honors and more. Study hard and keep that transcript looking good.

Don’t forget about your extracurricular activities. Just think, if you have the same test score and GPA as another applicant, what sets you apart? It’s your other activities like sports, student organizations, community service and more.

Are you convinced yet? Of course, you are. Check out all of our scholarships and other financial aid we offer at Texas Wesleyan. Our goal is to make our top-tier, private education more affordable for students like you. Want to submit an application? It only takes 15 minutes.

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