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Texas Wesleyan Partners with Greenlight Match to Increase College Access

Student talking with admissions director

Texas Wesleyan has greenlighted a partnership with Greenlight Match to help increase college access to underrepresented and historically underserved students.  

Greenlight Match is an initiative of College Greenlight, a community which helps connect first-generation and underrepresented students from lower-income families to community-based organizations (CBO) and schools, scholarship providers and colleges and universities.  

The match reverses college and student roles — instead of students seeking out colleges, colleges seek out students, allowing for a more equitable application process. It also fosters a better relationship between colleges and CBO counselors to help with recruitment and finding new enrollment opportunities. 

"We’re excited to partner with Greenlight Match to help give more students access to Texas Wesleyan’s Smaller. Smarter. approach,” said Djuana Young, associate vice president of enrollment. “This partnership allows us to create a stronger relationship with students who may have overlooked us in the past.”  

Colleges also have access to invite students to learn more about admissions and financial aid processes through communication tools — a big step in helping students feel more secure about continuing their education. 

It also simplifies the application process for students, allowing them to submit their information to the program, which then transfers their data to interested schools. This eliminates the challenge of students sending out individual applications to several schools and provides easier access to more postsecondary institutions. 

“The focus of Greenlight Match on creating new pathways for underserved students aligns nicely with the work we are doing at Texas Wesleyan University,” said Alan Liebrecht, vice president of enrollment, marketing & communications. “Our Smaller. Smarter. approach to higher education provides a unique environment for students to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. By partnering with Greenlight Match, we will join them in empowering students by eliminating application barriers and expanding access to higher education.” 

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is part of the phase 2 market for Greenlight Match. The initial phase in the Chicago metro area resulted in 83% of Chicago Scholars students graduating college in six years compared to 49% of Chicago public schools overall.  

“Simply put, CBOs’ support can be instrumental to efforts to make postsecondary attainment a reality for more students,” a statement from College Greenlight reads. “Regardless of the extent of a CBO-college partnership, both entities have much to gain by working together to strengthen their practices.” 

Texas Wesleyan’s admissions department officially launched the partnership in September. Find out more Greenlight Match online. 

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