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Encourage a Ram

Share your message with the RAMily!

Whether you're one of our fantastic alumni, donors, faculty or staff, you are a part of the "RAMily" and we are a tight bunch. The Encourage a Ram project is an easy way to let the newest generation of Rams know that you are cheering them on each step of the way as they adjust to learning from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Want to leave a message? It's easy! Submit your encouragement message online or email it to Carly Crisp at Your message and videos will be posted below and we will be sharing them with our students through various media as well. Thank you for supporting the RAMily!

The CETL Team can't wait to see you again!

Sonja Gaddy '17 is so proud, she is happy-dancing with you!

Meet Chuck Willett '66

Hello from Pro Joe!

Greetings from Dr. Gladys Childs

President Frederick G. Slabach

I am so proud of you! What you have already accomplished is amazing and I know that I can expect to see great things from you in the future. Texas Wesleyan University is better because of you.

Frederick G. Slabach

Heather K. Lewis '20

Good, Better, Best; never let it rest.

Heather K. Lewis '20

Derron Strickland '17

Vision involves seeing a future that will effect your present. Presently be great! Your future self needs you now!

Derron Strickland

Violette Metz '58

How beautiful all of you are, how much pride I have in you and in the future that you will strive to make better for all of us. I am so glad you have chosen my beloved Texas Wesleyan. I have such belief in your strength to endure these difficult times.

Violette Metz

Rachel Wilson Eidson '85, '01

Times may be tough, but Rams are tougher! Keep going strong. It will be worth it in the end, but enjoy the journey. Wesleyan is as unique as you are. Proud of you.

Rachel Wilson Eidson '85, '01

Julie Croft, '98 BBA

What a great accomplishment you have achieved!!! You should be so proud, and we in the Texas Wesleyan family are proud of YOU!! I hope that all your dreams and aspirations come true, and your degree brings you the success you hoped for!!

Julie Croft, '98 BBA

David Irwin '00

Keep up the good work! Your degree will open doors that you may not be able to see at this point in your life, but I can assure you that it certainly did for me, and will for you as well. Smaller. Smarter. 

Go Rams!

David Irwin '00

Esther Bittick-Caldwell '16

This all seems a little overwhelming right now, but I promise it will get better. You will get through these challenges that you are experiencing right now, and you will see a whole new you blooming into the world. You can do this!! Good Luck and God bless.

Esther Bittick-Caldwell 

Paula Wigley '85

Wow, I do believe this is an incredible time in history and has got to be most challenging for all students and teachers as well! But focus on the amazing human spirit. You can't hold a good man down! You can do this!! The force be with you...

Paula Wigley Class of '85

Mary Nichols '01

Hey Ram family!!! I know these are hard trying times for everyone. We need to stay positive and keep looking up. You are what makes Texas Wesleyan great!

Mary Nichols '01

Amy Russell '99

Keep your heads up & your eye on the prize!! You are the most resilient students to ever attend TXWES!! You are setting such an amazing example for future Rams as well! Keep up the GREAT work!! YOU GOT THIS!!!

Amy Russell 

Linda Lee '06

You will be glad if you finish your degree at Texas Wesleyan. It is not just an excellent university, but a home & family. GO RAMS!!!


Jay Thompson '69

Wesleyan students, you are awesome for the sacrifices you are making to stay in school and graduate. You will be a success and make outstanding contributions in your chosen fields. Stay safe and stay strong! Texas Wesleyan has made a difference in so many lives and will continue to make a difference in the future!

Jay Thompson '69

Jessica Salazar '99

First of all, I would like to wish our recent Wesleyan graduates a huge CONGRATULATIONS! To our current and future rams, Texas Wesleyan University is my home away from home and although we are all working from home, we are on this journey together! Go RAMS!

Dr. Jessica C. Salazar

Niky Morrison '15

Hey RAMS and Purple Ladies,

I hope you're staying safe and motivated! We might be in some crazy, uncertain, and challenging times but I hope you find comfort in knowing you are supported by your RAMily near and far. Congrats grads and good luck all.

Niky Morrison, '15

Jeri Chipman '97

Hey Rams! You are what makes TXWES so special, and we miss you! I know this has been a tough end to the year, especially for the 2020 grads. But this will pass. Despite the current setbacks, Texas Wesleyan - and you - will come back stronger than ever!

Jeri Chipman '97

Nici Sandberg '06

Hi, TxWes students! It's a weird time for you guys - for all college students. But your education is still important. It's a good time to take time for yourself while also continuing your studies. You'll get through this!

Stay safe - Nici Sandberg

Jorge Vivar '76

Dear Texas Wesleyan students:

No need to tell you that these are extraordinary and challenging times. Those of you graduating this year were looking forward to an exciting and happy graduation ceremony. Unfortunately, things have changed from what they were just a couple of months ago.

But one thing remains the same, if not better: Your young and enthusiastic spirit of achievement. And, by having attended TXWES you have a very good foundation to move forward. With your degree, your knowledge and your diligence, you have the tools to succeed in the new world that you are now entering.

Generations are formed and remembered during special events. The current Covid-19 event is certainly “special”. And so are all of you!

Remember, you are not alone in this world. In addition to your love ones you also have your “Ramily” ready to assist and support you anytime! So, go out there with faith and enthusiasm and achieve your dreams!

Congratulations to the students graduating this year and here are our very best wishes for much success!

Jorge Vivar '76

Martha Earngey '77

Congratulations on completing this challenging semester amid the COVID-19 virus. We are proud of your accomplishments in the classroom and on the playing field/court and look forward to cheering for you next season. You are forever in our hearts. Rams Up!

Martha Earngey '77 (Fourth Assistant Coach Lady Ram's Basketball)

Doug Spellman

Winners never quit and quitters never win. When the going gets tough the tough gets going.

Douglas L. Spellman