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Helpful tips for your Virtual Wesleyan 5K

10.05.2020 | By:

Although we were disappointed that we couldn’t have the Wesleyan 5K in person this fall, we are excited to offer a new way to participate in a Wesleyan 5K – from anywhere! The Virutal Wesleyan 5K is coming from Oct. 24 – 31. Runners or walkers from anywhere can map out a 5K course and participate. Not sure a virtual 5K is right for you? Here are some tips to help make your first virtual 5K a successful one:

  1. Plan out your route in advance. There are websites like Map My Run that can help you find a good place to run near you. Google maps and many fitness trackers also have capabilities to help you measure the distance of your course. It’s great to try it out ahead of time so you’ll know what to expect. Then, decide when during the week that will be best for you to complete the course and record your time.
  2. Walk or run with a buddy. Exercise is always more fun and more motivating when you have some company. Even if you have so social distance, this is a great activity to do with a friend or family member
  3. Take care of yourself. Walk or run in the days leading up to the event to get in shape. Just as you would on the day of a live event, be sure to fuel up and hydrate well, and stretch and warm up before you complete your course.
  4. Have fun! The virtual 5K is designed to be a fun way to support Texas Wesleyan and get out and exercise on your own timeline with no pressure. Recruit friends and neighbors to cheer your on from a distance, and be sure to tag us in your pictures with #txwesalumni!

Registration closes soon, so sign up today to be a part of this fun event!