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Jorge Vivar ’76 to receive the Wesleyan Service Award at the Alumni Medal Dinner

09.12.2022 | By:
Jorge Vivar movers and shakers

Jorge Vivar graduated from Texas Wesleyan College in 1976, with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Management.

Originally from Lima, Peru, Jorge arrived in Fort Worth in the early 70’s shortly after his graduation at Alfonso Ugarte High School in Lima.

Jorge credits Texas Wesleyan as the foundation of his personality. Attending TXWES, he learned responsibility, dedication, ethics and discipline. He loves Texas Wesleyan and has demonstrated it by always being available to assist, guide and mentor students. As a member of the alumni association board of directors for several years, Jorge has been involved in many student and alumni events. He has served the board in many roles, including treasurer, vice president and president and helped contribute greatly to the growth and development of the alumni association. Jorge is very visible at various TXWES functions and is also a member of the President’s Council.

Jorge’s entire professional career has been in international trade. As a regional sales manager for Southwestern Petroleum Corporation, a commercial roofing company in Fort Worth, he traveled extensively through Southeast Asia — from Thailand to Australia and every country in between, including the Pacific Rim islands. Because of his continued success in Southeast Asia, the company asked him to develop and manage the business in Latin America and the caribbean.

Later, Jorge joined another local company, SCS/Frigette, as the managing director of their international division. The company manufactured automotive air conditioning systems as well as parts and components for the automotive industry. Once again, Jorge began to travel the world, laying the ground work and establishing a network of international distributors in over 50 countries world wide. He would work with original equipment manufacturer engineers and designers to develop the aftermarket air conditioning systems for vehicles. The A/C systems were then installed at the port of entry and vehicles would ship to the dealers throughout the country.

In 2002, Jorge founded his own company, Automotive Solutions LLC, and continues to work with international customers. Although his company is still active, he has slowed down a bit as he approaches retirement. Even though he has already traveled so much overseas, he is looking forward to more fun travel rahter than for business. In addition to traveling, Jorge enjoys reading, tennis and soccer. Jorge has been married to Denise, a TCU graduate, for 35 years and they have two children, Alexandra and Anthony. They also have two grandchildren, 7-year-old Adalyne and 5-month-old Roman.

Help us celebrate Jorge and his dedication to Texas Wesleyan at the Alumni Medal Dinner on Friday, Nov. 4, in the Martin University Center.

About the Alumni Medal Dinner

Each year, Texas Wesleyan University honors distinguished alumni and friends. Their achievements and contributions are amazing reflections of the University, and we are honored to celebrate and recognize them each year.

The Alumni Medal Dinner is at the Martin University Center on campus on Friday, Nov. 4. The reception begins at 6 p.m., followed by dinner and program at 7 p.m.

The event is open to all alumni, friends and faculty and staff, and tickets are $65 per person. Register online by Oct. 31.

For questions, contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 817-531-6548 or